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Introducing Tabletop Team Building

Updated: Mar 5

Ever sent your teams to training or a workshop so they can hear all about the benefits of high-performing teams, collaboration, innovation, diverse perspectives, or growth mindset? They all have an ok time, nod along and maybe even feel a little inspired, but then what happens? Typically... The work life they put on hold to attend is waiting with a vengeance. Including: All of the pressures, politics and existing processes and responsibilities that make change challenging in the first place.

Unfortunately, until you have felt what it's like to be a high-performing team with your current peers, at a subconscious level it's hard to believe it's even possible.

Introducing Tabletop Team Building, an afternoon of fun and collaborative creative problem-solving that provides teams the experience of being a high-performing team without the complexities and constraints of the workplace environment.

At Peak State we've been providing ways to achieve this for many years, and yet none have been as successful as this approach, and it's now ready for prime-time!

Borrowing from the best of tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs), we've invested in developing our own streamlined system that provides the foundations for the unique, tailored in realtime experiences your teams can have playing together.

Today we are very pleased to announce we are gifting MARS to the world under a Creative Commons licence so that everyone can use it and benefit from it. (note: MARS can also be used just for fun if you are so inclined and includes enough optional advanced Modules to run full TTRPG Campaigns with friends).

MARS Core is the streamlined and simplified best of modern TTRPGs presented in a way that can be learned and played by anyone with only a couple of minutes introduction.

MARS incentivises and gives a felt experience of:

  • Team creative problem solving under pressure

  • Inclusive and constructive collaboration

  • The integration of diverse perspectives

  • Growth Mindset and persistence

A team that attends a Tabletop Team Building session typically sees massive uplift to: Psychological Safety, sense of belonging and mutual respect. i.e. The foundations of high-performance culture.

Utilising the system and game worlds we have developed on top of MARS, we can provide your teams with incredible team building experiences unlike anything you've experienced before.

Read more about Tabletop Team Building and reach out if you'd like to learn more.

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