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Does the Age of AI change anything?

Updated: Mar 5

What changes as we transition from the Digital Age into the Age of AI?

Not alot, and of course… everything!

On the one hand, all the same trends we see in the Digital Age still apply, as do the mindsets you need to navigate it.

What changes is the speed. The sheer pace of change will be unlike anything we’ve seen before. The level of efficiency and capability that AI will bring to every industry will be astounding.

This won’t result in less work for organisations or even less jobs. Customer expectations have always and will always increase to utilise new technologies and efficiencies. However the types of roles inside organisations will have to adapt.

In particular, the trend towards “everyone’s a leader” continues. To be more specific, there are 3 types of leader every organisation needs to navigate the transition, and there are behaviours and mindsets these leaders need to do it successfully.

Read more about these in our new white paper which you can download by submitting the form below.

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