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Small Batch Cultural Incursions

In which we facilitate powerful and fun culture-building experiences

Culture is about more than just having fun. Culture sets the foundation for your teams' performance, innovation and results.


What Cultural Treasures do your teams already have, waiting to be unearthed?

We can't dictate culture top-down, but we can inspire it. Then the hard work begins, building it from the bottom up. The good news is, your teams can and will embed a culture that they feel a part of. Which is why teams should collaboratively develop their own key artefacts and re-work them each year.

"The only thing more important than the artefact itself... Is the shared experience of creating it. That's the treasure."

What are the Cultural Incursions?

Meet your facilitators

How do you get the best from all diverse perspectives and personalities? Leave it to the experts. Our experienced facilitators have worked with thousands of teams from around the world. They will guide your teams on a dynamic and inclusive journey.


Andrew Ramsden

Leadership and Culture


Andrew Francois

People and Culture


Martin Krippner

Facilitation and Leadership

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