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10 Days to Less Stress for Executives

Can you believe it's March. Already!

It's only the start of 2024 and the energy around the nation is already feeling tired and, well frankly... stressed!

It's all too common in the post-covid era, the pressure is mounting in companies around the world. Deliver more with less, increasing expectations of what's possible, and the drive to streamline, automate and even downsize.

Here's the secret only top executives master: The pressure is real, but only we can turn it into stress. Research shows we can influence whether pressure shows up for us as negative stress or ‘eustress’ (good stress, excitement and passion).

But let’s be clear, stress isn’t just in your head. It’s a mind-body system thing, deeply rooted in our evolutionary biology. Stress kept us safe for hundreds of thousands of years. Now it’s less helpful.

Stress impairs our decisions and abilities as leaders, results in burnout, and shortens our lives. We no longer face the kind of lethal risks our ancestors did (think Tiger behind that rock), so stress has to go.

“The pressure of modern leadership is very real. But it’s up to us to not turn that pressure into stress” —Andrew Ramsden

But how can we navigate the incredible pressures of modern leadership without turning it into stress? That’s what we’ll explore together here.

Over the next 10 days, we’ll tune up your system so it’s firing on all cylinders. Try each day’s activity, and if it felt good, keep doing it. After 10 days, let us know how you feel.

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