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Our Mission

To help 1,000,000 leaders around the world live and lead from their heart as well as their head most days so they can make a bigger positive impact in the world.

Our values

At Peak State, our values are more than just words on a wall, they guide everything we do. We only work with organisations whose values align with ours.

Partner with integrity

We can achieve more together, and for that trust and reliability are critical

Curiosity and adaptation

Always open to learning about ourselves and others allows us to grow and flourish

Fun and creativity

Enjoy the journey! Relaxation, fun and happiness support creativity and innovation

Work and live with purpose

We strive to realise our potential and help other people and businesses do the same

Faculty and associates


Digital strategy and innovation

Craig Thomler

Recognised internationally as a digital, social media and Government 2.0 leader, Craig is one of Australia’s leading digital media strategists and practitioners, having spent 20 years working in the online industry, including five in Australia’s Commonwealth Public Service.

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Transformational leadership coaching

Andrew Low

Andrew is a transformational coach who helps leaders and executives unlock their potential by letting go of limiting beliefs and aligning their vision with powerful new mindsets and values.

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Critical conversations and negotiations

Michael Urness

Mike has taken his extensive experience with merger negotiations, conflict and strategic relationship management to teach others how to master negotiation and conflict resolution.

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