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In which you have the opportunity to 'sharpen the saw' using the best leadership honing tools available.

In the Age of AI and beyond, almost everyone is a leader. And yet, only Wholehearted Leaders will thrive amid the complexity, uncertainty and rapid change.

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Modern leadership ain't easy

With so much complexity, uncertainty, change and so many experts and leaders in the mix, how are you expected to stay afloat? So many modern leaders tell us they feel like they're drowning.

We will share with you the very best of Inner and Outer Game techniques to help you expand your comfort zone, so you can navigate pressure, uncertainty, challenging stakeholders and get results no matter what comes your way.

"Yes, leadership means you have a vision, and you're standing out front lighting the way. But no-one said you had to stand alone."

What opportunities are there?

Meet your facilitators

The Wholehearted Leadership Challenge faculty provides exclusive access to industry professionals and expertise that aren't readily available in the workplace. This is your opportunity to learn from those at the top of their game.


Andrew Ramsden

Leadership and Culture


Cam Aggs

Psychologist, Mindfulness


Andrew Francois

High-Performing Teams


Martin Krippner

Facilitation and Leadership

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