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In which we provide a safe and structured container for powerful and creative conversations where you and other experts provide the content 

Facilitation is so much more than just following the agenda. Expert Facilitation sets you up for success in leading change and sustaining high performance.

You need a master facilitator when...


... it's Critical

Sometimes you only get one shot at it. Add up all the salaries in the room and you could be burning hundreds of dollars every minute. The pressure is on. You need to get the most from your stakeholders' time and you need results! A master facilitator can help you get the outcomes you need.


... it's Complex

When there are so many moving parts that it's overwhelming for you, let alone your stakeholders, then call in the cavalry. A master facilitator can help you break it down and stage the engagement so that everyone is on the same page and you're able to bite off one part of the problem at a time, integrating all the pieces into the completed puzzle by the end.


... it's Change

Change brings with it the threat of uncertainty and loss, which immediately puts your stakeholders on defence. In order to break through the resistance and get the results you need you're going to have to walk a fine line to bring both boundaries and compassion. A master facilitator will not only hold that space for you and the group, but help structure activities that build Safety over time so resistance can melt away, and you get buy-in from all your key stakeholders.

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What diverse perspectives and crucial insights are you leaving on the table?

Ensuring everyone in the room feels safe enough to bring all of the best ideas to the table, no matter how controversial is no easy task. An expert facilitator can help you get the most from your collaborators and get the best outcome for you and your business.

"Hiring an expert facilitator show your collaborators that you respect them, their input and their time."

What does a Facilitator do?

Meet your facilitators

How do you get the best from all diverse perspectives and personalities? Leave it to the experts. Our experienced facilitators have worked with thousands of teams from around the world. They will guide your teams on a dynamic and inclusive journey.


Andrew Ramsden

Leadership and Strategic Foresight


Andrew Francois

Scaled Agile and Team Dynamics


Martin Krippner

Facilitation and Leadership


Steven Gould

Strategic Foresight

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