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Is my relationship in danger?

Consider the following in the context of your relationship:

  1. We regularly have fights that escalate into raised voices, hurt feelings, or needing time apart.

  2. There is sometimes a 'coldness' or resentment towards each other.

  3. Sex and intimacy is rare or feels disconnected/clinical.

  4. You and/or they feel jealous or trapped at times.

  5. One or both of us struggle when we are apart for long periods.

  6. You and/or they feel like you have grown apart over time.

If two or more of the above resonated for you and your relationship, then it's worth taking action to refresh and repair the beautiful relationship you had.

Enter the Relationship Refresh

A focused program to catch relationship-enders before it's too late and give the relationship the boost it needs to sail past this rough patch and into your bright future.

2 group and 2 individual coaching sessions each over 3 weeks with expert relationship and life coaches Andrew and Daisy.

You will find clarity with 1 of 3 possible outcomes:

  1. Relationship Refreshed—A re-commitment to each other along with your own personalised Relationship Refresh Plan.

  2. Conscious Decoupling—Clarity that you are not compatible longer-term and a guided process for mutual decoupling and closure.

  3. Relationship Renewal—A commitment to each other and additional coaching to address issues identified during the Refresh process. If needed, this gives your relationship the best chance to be rock-solid, intimate and exciting long-term.


Take Action Now

Complete the form below and we'll be in touch to line up a time for an obligation-free 15 minute chat about The Peak State Relationship Refresh

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Meet Daisy & Andrew

Hi, we are Daisy and Andrew Ramsden and we've had our fair share of rough patches. From disputes over who controls the remote, all the way up to conflicting values and visions for our lives. We couldn't even agree on whether to have kids or not—Now that's a deal-breaker!...


Or it could have been, but not for us. We used our understanding of psychology and relationships to process our fears and the emotional component and worked through the rest together. We are now very happily married raising our first child, and arguing over how many more we should have.

Each experienced leadership and life coaches in our own right, we have since run programs together on Wholehearted Relationships, Resolving Conflict in Relationships (the renowned 'Rules of Engagement' program), and supported many couples through the Relationship Refresh and Renewal process.

Don't let the beautiful relationship you had slip away, take action and let us help you reclaim it again today.

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