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Rules of Engagement

How to de-escalate conflict and tensions in professional relationships and turn even your staunchest opposition into your ally


We want controversy,
not conflict

To thrive in the Digital Age and beyond we need to be able to courageously put all perspectives on the table, take the best and leave the rest. Yet when passions spill over and become tension and conflict, then we have a problem. At best these relationships go cold, resulting in subconscious avoidance of people and important issues. At worst, we have escalating conflict and areas that refuse to work together.

Navigate conflict and challenged relationships

The Rules of Engagement provide a step-by-step roadmap and complete toolkit for navigating tensions and conflicts in professional relationships as they arise. Not only will you be able to resolve any frustrations and negative emotions you have in the heat of the moment, but you'll be able to help others when they become emotionally compromised. As a result you'll be able to turn any opposition into a champion for your shared cause.


Master influence and negotiation

The 2-day Rules of Engagement workshop equips leaders with the skills to persuade and influence even the toughest of stakeholders. Participants walk away with a toolkit for influence and negotiation that is second to none.

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