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Domestic Violence and the impact on your business

There are 3 reasons to implement domestic violence policies and training in your workplace:


  1. It’s the right thing to do.

  2. Your staff will feel safer and supported resulting in higher staff engagement.

  3. It will reduce the impact domestic violence has on absenteeism, productivity and turnover.

$500 Million

$13 Billion

The full cost to the Australian economy is estimated at over $13 billion annually.

That’s a problem worth addressing. And if you’re a decision-maker in your organisation, there are relatively easy and inexpensive ways to reduce the impact on your business and support your staff.

Take action

Australia’s CEO Challenge (ACEOC) is an award-winning charity providing education, policy, training and staff engagement to ensure workplaces are responsive to the issue, compliant with the Fair Work Act, and actively giving back to local domestic violence shelters.


Your organisation

Speak with ACEOC about policy, or training programs for your organisation.


Raise awareness by getting involved with the ACEOC upcoming events. Or get a team from your work involved, or talk to ACEOC about how you could get your organisation more broadly involved.

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